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Eurobahn auto parts is proud to sell ATE Ceramic Brake Pads…

ATE ceramic brake padsATE Ceramic brake pads work cleanly, quietly and with low wear. The secret of these brake pads lies in a brake pad compound which uses innovative fibre technology.

Compared with conventional brake pads, the rims have to be cleaned much less frequently. High-quality rims Keep their shine for longer. And drivers don’t just save time, but also expensive, environmentally harmful rim cleaners.

Extensive comparison tests have shown that ATE Ceramic brake pads wear significantly less than standard brake pads. They also significantly extend the service life of the brake discs. This reduction in wear reduces repair costs and saves drivers money.

ATE Ceramic brake pads exceed the strict requirements of the ECE-R90 standard, and their braking performance is in no way inferior to that of conventional brake pads. They are also fully compatible with vehicle dynamics control systems.

ATE Ceramic brake pads can easily be fitted in the place of standard brake pads when servicing the brakes, without having to make any conversions to the vehicle. Many models for various manufacturers are already available. And the range is constantly growing.


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